East Temple Pagoda and West Temple Pagoda

In Kunming city center, there are tow ancient pagodas which was built during the Nanzhao Kingdom period (879AD), has more than one thousand years history. The two pagodas has separately located in east and west, the high of pagodas are both around 40.5 meters. The one in the east side is called East Temple Pagoda, the another one in the west side is called West Temple Pagoda.

East Temple Pagoda located at Shulin Street, there are four birds made of copper at the top of the pagoda corner. They are commonly known as Jinji (means golden chicken), so they are also known as the “Jinji Pagoda”.

West Temple Pagoda located at Dongsi Street, it is almost same as East Temple Pagoda, the only different between them is there is no underground palace in the West Temple Pagoda.

At present, between the East Temple Pagoda and West Temple Pagoda there is a walking street that construction in 2002, it helps visitors can visit the two pagodas convenient.

Jinri Building, it was first built in Yuan Dynasty. It was been removed in 1950s due to the city development and construction, it rebuild in 2002 with the walking street.

The most striking thing on the walking street is some bronze sculptures. These sculptures vividly show the life in Kunming in the past hundred years. 





(photo:innyo article:Internet)