Cool destination around Kunming for the summer vacation

Since we enter to the July, the weather become hotter and hotter all over the country, have you ever think of escape from the city to a place whichis cool and the charming view can let you forget all troubles.


Laoyuhe Wetland Park

Laoyuhe Wetland Park is 31 km from Kunming. There are about 1.2 million tulips in Laoyuhe Wetland Park every spring, attracting locals and visitors. It is also one of the ideal spots for taking photos. 

As the weather gets hotter, go to the Laoyuhe wetland park, not only you can enjoy the wind from Dianchi, but step on the gravel road to relax. Walk along the path, the neat and orderly metasequoia is standing in the shallow water, makes all around is green view.

The dense layers of the branches block the intense illumination of the light.Formed a shade of trees that makes Laoyuhe Wetland Park become a "natural oxygen bar" and a great summer resort in Kunming.



Haidong Wetland Park

There are many wetland parks along East Huanhu Road, but Haidong Wetland Park is perhaps the most attravtive one. It is a wetland park nearest to the city, only 18km from Kunming city centre. It is also the earliest opened wetland park.

Haidong Wetland Park is connected with Dianchi Lake, covering an area of about 134 acres, equivalent to 4 Green Lake Parks. With many aquatic plants, terrestrial plants and flowers forming a beautiful view of the landscape.

The main feature of Haidong Wetland Park is quiet, beautiful and peaceful environment. You can overlook the beauty of Xishan Hill, and heard the sound of Diacnhi.

Lying in the tent in the afternoon, listening to the birds singing outside, relax and enjoy the slow time.



The Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is a typical karst landform distribution area in the world. Within the Jiuxiang Cave in Yunnan, the stone dam landscape can be seen everywhere, and the magical masterpieces of nature are breathtaking.

Developed in the Sinian period 600 million years ago, it has hundreds of large and small caves. It is the largest and most numerous cave community in China. It is also known as the “ Cave Museum”.

Because the cave is underground or in the mountains, the temperature is lower than outside, and with the peculiar cave landscape, it must be a good choice of you summer vacation.

Walking in the cave, the heat in the summer suddenly disappeared. What you see in front of you is a natural stone sculpture of various shapes. What you heard is the sound of water flowing through the stones.


Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is about 150 km from Kunming City. The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is famous for its winter snow scene. However, the mountain has beautiful scenery in all seasons. The Jiaozi snow mountain is 4247 meters above sea level, and the average summer temperature is only 3-13 degrees. It is a good choice for summer vacation and leisure vacation.

The virgin forest is like a sea, and the lake is crystal and full of mysterious. Azaleas bloom in the everywhere of the mountain, fully relax in the nature.


Dongchuan Red Land

“Dongchuan Red Land” is located in the north by east direction of Kunming, under the jurisdiction of Dongchuan District, Kunming. The red soil developed under the high temperature and rainy conditions in Dongchuan of Yunnan Province, the sapphire-like sky, the marshmallow white clouds and the inconstant light constitute a magnificent scenery of the red land.

Potato flower is fully opened and mix with the golden wheat waves. Every layer is different colors, bright and intense color blocks are spread to the horizon, formed a colorful pattern picture.

The best time to visit the Dongchuan Red Land is July. The mountain and the wilderness are show different red colors at that time. This is the most wonderful place for photography. Countless photographers yearn for it.

So don’t stay at home, visit a place that we talk about and take photos of you trip, let it became a wonderful memories.


(Article/Photo: Kunming Faner)