Picturesque Fuxian Lake: Good Place for Spending Weekends!

The sky in the South of Cloud (Yunnan) is blue and its rainfall is clean. Tons of rain water condensed into streams and flow into the east Yunnan Plateau, moistening Fuxian Lake, with waters as clear as jade. The lake was duded as “Tens of Thousands of Color Glaze” due to its ultra clean water. Fuxian Lake is the largest deep-water fresh water lake in China and the largest lake at the source of the pearl river. Its water volume is 12 times that of Dianchi, 6 times that of Erhai and 4.5 times that of Taihu Lake. It accounts for 72.8% of the total water volume of the nine plateau lakes in Yunnan and 9.16% of the fresh water volume of the whole country.

Fuxian Lake is 60 kilometers away from Kunming city, about an hour's drive. Come here on a sunny day to soak in the beauty of nature.


Route: Kunming — Kunmo Highway — Chengcheng Highway — Chengjiang County — Fuxian Lake



Luchong Scenic Area

On the west bank of the scenic Fuxian Lake, there is a village called Luchong, which has mountain on the back and sea in the front. The village has developed from a small fishing village to a renowned tourist resort along the Fuxian Lake. It is only 20 kilometers away from Chengjiang county. Here, you can not only experience the special customs of the fishing village, but also enjoy the beautiful view of Fuxian Lake, pen rack-shaped mountain, the golden bell-shaped Yusun Mountain, the lush ancient banyan trees, and the exotic scenery of fishing Kanglang Fish(a native fish species of Fuxian Lake) by water wheel.


Star Fish Hole

As an important part of the star scenic area, more than 100 fish holes are hidden around the spring beneath the rock and spread along the thousand-meter-long Fuxian Lake. One thing you cannot miss is the “waterwheel fishing”. This special fishing method was invented by ancestors of Gudian. This method is used to catch Kanglang Fish which is abundant in Fuxian Lake.


The Sunshine Coast

On the west bank of the picturesque Fuxian Lake, the tides beat the shore rhythmically, rippling out a beautiful curve. Sunshine coast is an open recreational beach developed by Sunshine Coast Hotel. It is the best place for bathing in sunshine, strolling on the beach and playing in the lake.


The Chengjiang Fossil Complex

The hat-shaped Maotian Mountain is only 6 kilometers away from the rippling Fuxian Lake. It is known for large amount of Cambrian fossils dated back to 530 million years ago. These precious fossils vividly recorded the true marine life 530 million years ago, and provide extremely valuable evidence for revealing the secrets of early life evolution on the earth.



The Taiyang Mountain Town

Taiyang Mountain Town is located in the center of the Taiyang Mountain in the Fuxian Lake International Tourism Resort. The town is surrounded by mountains and sea, with unique Nordic style architecture, blue sky, coffee shops and any beautiful things that you can imagine.



Yuelian Manor

In addition to the crystal-clear Fuxian Lake, Chengjiang will sure remind you of another thing: the mouth-watering slightly sweet lotus root powder with the fragrance of lotus root. Chengjiang has a mild climate and abundant water resources. It has a long history of planting lotus root and enjoys a good reputation in the middle part of Yunnan. As a unique name card of Fuxian Lake, Lotus represents the history and culture of Chengjiang River. In every July and August, the lotuses will feast your eyes with a pleasant view like fairies floating to you with the breeze from the lake.





Copper Pot Fish

Those living on a mountain live off the mountain and those living near the water live off the water. The green mountain, clear water and fertile land here can definitely nourish good fish. Born in Fuxian Lake, the Kanglang Fish (Anabarilius grahami)   is delicious and nutritious and often used to make copper pot fish. Copper pot fish is one of the most delicious food of Yuxi. Raised in clear water of the lake, cooked in a copper pot with special ingredients, the fish tastes fresh.


Copper Pot Rice

Also known as potato rice, the rice is washed with the water of Fuxian Lake, heat the pot and rice to allow the rice to swell and soften, the smell of potatoes and bacon will make your mouth water.




Riding around Fuxian Lake