Miss Lan and Cats

Do you love cats? Or you are a crazy cat lover. If your answer is Yes, then  there is a Cat Café called Miss Lan and Cats you must to visit.

Miss Lan and Cats located at 22 floor of Yutong Times Square, downtown Kunming. In there you can not only have fun with cats, but also enjoy the beautiful view of Kunming city center. 

In Miss Lan and Cats, there are a lot of kittens and some adult cats, after they have vaccination they allow to walk around in the whole house, otherwise they can only stay in their cabins. For health and safety reasons, the owner will regularly disinfect the entire room and take shower for cats, and removing insects. Every customer need to disinfected process, and ware shoes cover then can walk in the house to play with the cute kittens. 

You can find many different breeds of cats in Miss Lan and Cats, such as Ragdoll, British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Siamese, and Exotic Shorthair. The lovely meek kittens are really like cat teaser, you can borrow one from the owner and play fun with kittens.


Miss Lan and Cats also have a small balcony outside of the cats room, take off shoes cover then you can take a sit and enjoy the food in the balcony. The decoration of balcony is full of girls heart, you can spend half day in here to selfie.In order to make a good quality and delicious beverage and dessert, in the shop it has a area that cats can not get in, so you can don’t worry about there are cat hair in the food. 


Many people like cats, but they don't know if they are suitable for raising cats. Can they be responsible for cats? There are a program called “experiential feeding cat”, customer can choose one cat he like, and bring cat to home to experience feed a cat. After a period of experience, You can buy the cat when you are sure you can be responsible for it.


  • Address: 2201-A, Yutong Times Square, Jinbi Road, Xishan District, Kunming
  • Tel: 18187014564
  • Price:46 yuan / person



图片by 大铭、大安安