Seven parks are full of activities in National Day Holiday Week

Next week is National Day Holiday Week, have you already planed you trip? Or you only want to stay at home? There are seven parks prepared variety activities waiting for you!


Daguan Park

From October 1st to 7th, The Second Grand Customs Festival of Kunming City will be in Daguan Park. During the festival, Daguan Park will have six countries’s stage performances and street art performance including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain and Romania for visitors, as well as international cultural events featuring special agricultural shows, international cultural exchanges, and leisure and entertainment, you can feel the exotic atmosphere without going far.  

Except performances, there are also international food street, and representative snacks from France, Italy, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries.

(photo by Yang Yanhui, photo recourse: KunmingHub)


Kunming Zoo

Kunming Zoo will hold Chrysanthemum Exhibition, if you think it just chrysanthemum exhibition then you are wrong. In this year chrysanthemum exhibition you will find  the some chrysanthemum landscapes is based on animals in the zoo. The most attractive landscapes are three lovely Asian elephants made by chrysanthemums, it representative the family of Asian elephant in Kunming Zoo.

(photo by Yang Yanhui, photo recourse: KunmingHub)

In the exhibition it also have science class activities for children, children can experience chrysanthemum cultivation and other work in the nursery.


The Golden Temple

In the National Day Holiday Week, the Golden Temple attraction will hold Yunnan Variegated Copperware Exhibition. Yunnan Variegated Copperwave is one of the unique traditional handicrafts in Yunnan, and it has a history of more than 300 years. As well as the Intangible Cultural Heritage Cultural Exhibition about Yunnan will hold in the Ziwei Garden.


The Black Dragon Pool Park

In the Black Dragon Pool Park not only have chrysanthemum but also with more than 6,000 maple trees. Visitors can travel along the main road of the park, pass Longquanguan, Longquan Tanmei Square, and up to reach Hongfengling to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Tanhua Temple Park

Tanhua Temple Park will free open to public from October 1st, it must be a good time for visitors enjoy the beautiful chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum Exhibition have more than 3,500 pots of fine chrysanthemum and tens of thousands of model chrysanthemums with total seven colors. The Green Anna is the best species of green chrysanthemum, it will also show in the exhibition.  


Xihua Garden

The Botanical library will open in Xihua Garden from October 1st. The Botanical Library have a wide range of botanical professional books and exquisite real-life atlases that showcase the landscape design, allowing visitors to gain more knowledge of plant science while relaxing. As the youth science education base in Kunming, Xihua Garden also opened the first “plant doctor service station” in Kunming. At present, it has formed a comprehensive horticultural service station that is open to the public and children and children, integrating horticultural materials sales, horticultural knowledge exchange, flower DIY interaction, and family plant maintenance services.


Jiaoye Park

Jiaoye Park have more than 3,000 maple trees, quarter of them has already become red, it is time to enjoy the Autumn.



(Article Recourse: 昆明信息港)