The last fishing village in Kunming

Haiyan Village it is the only one traditional village with well-preserved Yunnan residential characteristics and Dianchi fishery culture which located in east shore of Dianchi Lake. 

In 2016, Haiyan Village was listed as the first historical village in Kunming. The building in Haiyan Village is very simple and preserves the characteristics the characteristics of Yunnan dwellings since the Qing Dynasty. Both sides of the street are basically well-preserved old adobe houses or brick houses.The distribution of houses in Haiyan Village is a bit complicated, and there are many trails. Generally, it is a “fishbone” distribution on the edge of the Dianchi Lake. Walking in the village, seems to cross back to the ancient village.


People living in Haiyan Village lived on fishing for generations. Every year in the open lake season of Dianchi Lake, the villagers in Haiyan Village are busy again. They take small fishing boats to the Dianchi Lake to salvage fish and shrimp, and then take them to the market for sale. In order to protect the ecological environment of Dianchi Lake, Kunming has strict control over the fishing season in Dianchi. Haiyan people often have to wait for a long 11 months before they can usher in a short month of lake opening.

There is an old pier that needs to pass through the Haiyan village to reach. It is  a good place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dianchi Lake. Because of it is opposite to Xishan Hill, it also a good place to watch the sunset.