Fishing Festival in Ancient Dian Town

The open season of Dianchi Lake will arrive as scheduled, 2018 Kunming·Jinning Third Fishing Festival and Ancient Fishing Culture Tourism Festival will hold in Ancient Yihai Pier, Ancient Dian Town from 21th of September to 7th of October.


After the opening ceremony of the Dianchi Fishing Festival, hundreds of manpower sailboats will be raised the sails and drive into Dianchi Lake at the same time. Together with the sound of drums and clarion, it was magnificent. As different with past years, in the opening ceremony there are hot air balloon fly over the Dianchi Lake, it will bring a wonderful visual experience for tourists. In the period of the Fishing Festival, there are also variety activities such as auction of the fish king, fishing culture exhibition, and fish market. You can not only buy the freshest fish, but also  taste the delicious local snacks.


Activities Timetable


Fishing Festival Opening Ceremony

Time: 10:00-12:00 September 21


Hot Air Balloon Trip

Time: 9:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00 September 22-24, October 1-3

Tourists can purchase ticket for hot air balloon, enjoy the beautiful view of entire Ancient Dian Town and Dianchi Lake

Dragon Boat Race

Time: October 4

Round-trip 500 meters schedule, also has dragon boat tug-of-war competition and racing competition.


Auction of Fish King

Time: 14:00-15:00 September 21-23

The biggest fish caught from Dianchi Lake on the day was selected as the “Fish King” and auctioned.


Fish Market

Time: September 21 to October 7

Everyday all the freshest fish caught will be gathered at the fishery market for sale.



(Article/Photo Recourses: 一视频、昆明信息港、昆明发布)