Do You Dare to Challenge Glass Skywalk?

Speaking of glass skywalk, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Is it like this?

Or does it make you feel in that way? For acrophobes, the glass skywalk is a nightmare! Just standing up will induce shiver, let alone walking on it. But the glass skywalk is also magical, whether bold or fear of heights, people want to try. Actually, there are many terrifying glass skywalks, do you dare to challenge?


Kunming Yeya Lake

The glass skywalk located in Kunming Yeya Lake is the first one that built above water in Yunnan Province with 145 meters long, 2 meters wide and 15 meters high from the lake surface. The see-through glass skywalk over the water is like a winding dragon hovering over the lake, offering the pretty scenery.

The elegant Yeya Lake scenic area also has unique natural scenery which consists of a group of leisurely wild ducks, a quiet land and a green lake. Here, you can enjoy the scenery and picking game. You can also participant in fun contests, small-scale hunting, horse racing and ziptreck.

Address: 10 km after Kunming Golden Temple Scenic Spot, Shuanglong Township Yeya Lake Resort

Ticke pirce: 20 yuan/ person Glass skywalk ticke price: 50 yuan/ person


Kunming Xiyoudong Park Scenic Spot

Located at the Kunming Xiyoudong Park, the glass skywalk is 250 meters long, whose bridge floor adopted 5D technology, and every step is accompanied by images of broken glass and sound effects, doubling the excitement.

Here, each step is like walking on clouds of the sky, with God’s perspective overlooking the Xiyoudong Park scenery. It is very terrifying to think about standing on the glass bridge, which is like being suspended above the abyss.

Xiyoudong Park scenic spot is a karst geological cave close to the city of Kunming, which consists of Xiyoudong (karst cave), Shuilian Cave and Guanyin Cave. In addition to these natural landscapes, the scenic spot also has a variety of attractions, such as alpine jungle glass slide rafting, glass skywalk, water park and so on.


Address: Xiyoudong Park Scenic Spot, 6km of Kunlun Highway

Tel: 0871-68400888、0871-68406644

Ticket Pricce: 98 yuan/ Adult,70 yuan/ student


Yunnan Wild Animal Park 

Although not located at high altitude, the glass tunnel of Yunnan Wild Animal Park is designed among the wild lives. Isn’t it exciting enough to find the tiger is standing behind you? The whole glass tunnel is made of blast proof glass specially designed for tigers, which can withstand the impact force of 4000 kg. It is very safe in the tunnel, and there is no need to worry about the safety of the glass. 

(Photo source: Yunnan Safari Park)

In this glass tunnel, you can observe the tiger in a close range. Just look at the commanding tiger, perhaps it is watching you too!

(Photo source: Yunnan Safari Park)


Address: Kunming Wild Animal Park

Tel: 0871-65018888、0871-65017777

Ticket Price: 100 yuan/adult, 70 yuan/child (1.2-1.4 meter)


Qinglong Gorge of Anning

Located in Qinglong Gorge scenic spot of Anning, Kunming the skywalk here is another 5D glass bridge in Yunnan province with a total height of 108 meters and length of 188 meters. Four pieces of glass on the bridge can show more than 20 kinds of glass cracks special effects when you stand on it, which will bring your heart into your mouth. In fact, it is just a scare. 


Address: Qinglong Gorge scenic spot, Anning City, Kunming


(Article/Photo recourses: 云南印象、云南共青团)