Kunming Nan Railway Station

Kunming Nan Railway station is located in Xiangyuan Street, Chenggong District, around 28 kilometers away from Kunming Railway station and about 44 kilometers away from Kunming Changshui International Airport. Kunming Nan Railway Station has been put into use since December, 2016. It is one of the major integrated transport hubs in western China, the largest railway station in southwest China and also an important traffic hub between China and Southeast Asia. 

Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway is the longest route for China’s east-west direction. The total length is 2252km and it reaches to Kunming via Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha and other cities alongside. It takes about eleven hours from Kunming to Shanghai by high-speed rail.


Nanning-Kunming High-speed Railway has 710km and the operation time is about five hours. It reaches to Kunming Nan Railway Station via Baise, Wenshan, Honghe, Mile. 

Kunming Railway Station has four floors:

3F: Waiting area for passenger

2F: Railway Platform

1F: Arrival hall, Exit, Taxi waiting area

-1F: Metro line platform


How to get to Kunming Nan Railway Station?

Bus: No. K32,K33,K34,K35,K36,K37,K38,K39,K40,K41,K42,K43

Railway station bus: No. 919K,920,921,922,923,924,925,926,927,928,929,930,931

Metro: Metro Line 1 Branch line Chunrong Street

Changshui International Airport: take bus No.919K

Kunming Railway Station: take bus No.K43 or train about 20 minutes

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