Pingtan Impression on Show from May 3 in Kunming

From May 3rd to 5th, Pingtan Impression, the 8th large-scale stage play directed by Yang Liping, the famous dancer in Yunnan will be performed in Yunnan Grand Theatre. This work originated from “mist”, deeply rooted in “sea” and blossomed in “soul”. It is a “Great Work of Taiwan Strait Culture” with international vision and high artistic level.


It is learned that Pingtan Impression is the first work of oceanic theme beyond folk-customs and the third “impression” series work after Yunnan Impression and Huangshan Mountain Impression. It deeply excavates folk historic stories and tales of legends in Pingtan by taking historic humanity and natural landscape in Pingtan, Fujian Province as material and “Pingtan blue” as the core.



This play is approximately 100 minutes and is divided into 4 episodes, which presents the original ecological natural landscape and humanistic customs in Pingtan respectively from 4 aspects: nature, history, humanity and modernity. In each episode, creative formal arrangement is made for featured folk culture, traditional songs, folk dances and other artistic forms. This work also combines with modern high-tech dance aesthetics special effect technology and popular elements for artistic sublimation of origin and folk culture of Taiwan and mainland China to trigger everyone’s impressive thought, to show a scene that man is an integral part of nature in land of idyllic beauty and to create a high-level visual feast. History, humanity and other elements of Pingtan and both shores will be presented perfectly through dances with high-tech elements such as naked eye 3D, creating a high-level audio-visual feast for domestic and foreign tourists who pay attention to Pingtan International Tourism Island. This performance will sublimate the local customs and celebration culture with artistic technique and it will show a scene that man is an integral part of nature through an invisible storyline running through historical context for 7,000 years.


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