Art Exhibition: Notes on Region

Contemporary Gallery Kunming is having an art exhibition named Notes on Region from March 3 to April 7, 2018 since its grand opening on March 3. Ten artists’ works will be presented at the gallery for the first time.

The exhibition features recent works by ten artists (Cheng Xinhao, Guo Peng, He Da, He Jing, Li Donghai, Li Gang, Li Rui, Su Jiaxi, Yan Junjie, Ye Funa), who were either born in Yunnan, studied or being inspired by Yunnan. Some of them are famous locally, while some of them have had an impact in the global art scene. They reassess notions of “region” through the lenses of cultural diversity, geographic history and contemporary vision, exploring the rich layers of meaning in this concept through means ranging from concrete to abstract, formal to conceptual in works covering a range of mediums from painting to sculpture, video and installation.


  • Organiser: Contemporary Gallery Kunming
  • Curator: Jeff Crosby
  • Address: Contemporary Gallery Kunming, Park 1903, West Qianwei Road, Kunming
  • Address in Chinese: 昆明前卫西路,公园1903, 昆明当代美术馆
  • Duration: March 3 – April 7, 2018


(Reference/photo: Elephant Books)

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