The Second Batch of China’s 20th Century Architectural Heritage Sites

The list of the second batch of China’s 20th Century Architectural Heritage Sites has been revealed early this month. It covers historical, educational, residential, industrial building complex across 25 provinces, cities and prefectures across China. Among the list, Yunnan’s two sites have been listed: Yunnan Military Academy in Kunming and Memorial Cemetery in Tengchong.


Yunnan Military Academy

Established in 1909, Yunnan Military Academy is a well-known military academy in modern history of China. It is known as one of the three major military academies during the Republic of China with Baoding Army School and the Central Army School. It is also the national key cultural relic and currently the largest and well-preserved Chinese modern military academy. It covers an area of about 35,000 square meters, featuring the main building courtyard, a play ground, armory, auditorium, the groom’s room, toilet, wall screen and other ancillary buildings.

Its elegant yellow paint of the exterior wall makes it distinct on Cuihu Road. And it is a perfect combination of Western European architectural style and Chinese traditional architectural style, which reflects the historical process of cultural exchange and integration between East and West.

  • Location: No. 22, West Cuihu Road, Wuhua District, Kunming
  • Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 (16:30 Last Entry)
  • Ticket Price: Free


Memorial Cemetery in Tengchong

The memorial Cemetery is located under the Laifeng Mountain of Tengchong City in Western Yunnan, the name of the garden is taken from the "Songs of Chu" "War" chapter. It is China's largest and most well preserved site of War Memorial Cemetery that has been completed on July 7th, 1945.

  • Location: No. 2, Taiji Community, Tenchong City, Yunnan
  • Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00 (Monday Closed)
  • Ticket Price: Free

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