A Relaxed Spa Tour from Kunming to Tengchong

There is only less than a month before we usher into 2018, the year of the Dog, according to Chinese zodiac. While some of us are wondering where to celebrate the New Year and what kind of gift we should send to our beloved ones during the festival season. Here, we’d love to share with you a two-day Spa trip from Kunming to Tengchong which we thought it would be a rather special gift for families and friends during the chilly days in Kunming.

Tengchong County is located in the southwestern part of Baoshan, Yunnan province. With Burma on its west boarder, it has been one of the major hubs of the Ancient Silk Road in Southwest China. It is also one of the provincial level cultural towns and the well-known “hometown” for overseas Chinese and the centre for jade distribution. Moreover, Tengchong has over 80 hot springs, making it one of the three geothermal zones in China. There are 97 dormant volcanoes in Tengchong that people call it the “natural volcanic geology museum”.


The Lost Stone Villas & Spa in Tengchong

The Lost Stone Villas & Spa in Tengchong is designed by Kengo Kuma, a Japanese designer and it features natural materials and combines simple lines to create a sense of simplicity and calmness. Each villa has spacious living room, a private hot spring and a spa room.


  • Address: The Lost Stone Villa Resort, near Yunfeng Road, Primeval Forest Park, Yufeng Mountain, Tengchong, Yunnan
  • Address in Chinese: 腾冲隈研吾·石头纪温泉VILLA度假酒店, 腾冲 云峰山原始森林公园 ,近云峰公路
  • Tell: 0875-5898888


It takes about 50 minutes from Kunming to Tengchong by air.

It takes roughly 90 minutes from Tengchong Tuofeng Airport to the Lost Stone Villa Resort by car.


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