Golden Autumn in Yunnan

Potatso National Park

Located on the verge of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas on northwestern part of Yunnan Province, Potatso National Park is consisted of Bita Lake Natural Reserve Area and Shudu Lake in the Three Parallel Rivers Haba Area. 


Erhai Lake in Dali

Erhai Lake is the second largest fresh water lake in Yunnan which boasts the name of “the pretty jade between marvelous mountains” thanks to its crystal clear water. 


Stone Forest in Kunming

The Stone Forest is an eminent set of limestone formations about 500sqkm located in Shilin Yi Autonomous County in Kunming, Yunnan. It was formed about 270 million years ago, featuring the world’s oldest Paleozoic karst landform. 


Jiaozi Snow Mountain

The relative height of Jiaozi Snow Mountain is about 3400m, creating a spectacular view throughout the year. It is located in the northeast of Luquan County, about 150km from Kunming downtown, enjoying the name of the No. 1 Mountain in the middle part of Yunnan. 


Red Land In Dongchuan District, Kunming

Lies in the northeastern part of Kunming City, about 250 km away from the city centre, Dongchuan Red Land is known for its perfect conditions for dramatic photo shoots. Due to high temperature and heavy rainfall, and the soil is rich in iron and aluminum composition, this area forms a huge colour contrast between fields. 


Rice Fields in Yuanyang County, Honghe

Yuanyang Rice Fields are tucked in mountainous area in Yuanyuang County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan. There are over 170,000mu rice fields in Yuanyang along which attract photographers and tourists to capture the stunning views created by Hani people. 


Yinxing (Ginkgo Biloba) Village in Tengchong

Yinxing (Ginkgo Biloba) Village is a primitive village in Tengchong County, Yunnan, where more than 3,000 strains of ginkgo biloba are dotted in and out of the farmhouse, which has become the most popular destination in the late autumn of Tengchong.