Sweet Osmanthus Flower in Full Bloom in Kunming

Every season is Kunming is the season to appreciate various gorgeous flowers and verdant plants. As we usher into the early autumn, which is the prime season for sweet osmanthus flowers to bloom, one thing you cannot miss in Kunming is to seize the day to fully enjoy the beautiful flower and its fresh, uplifting sweet fragrance. Here are some of the gardens and parks in and around Kunming City you could indulge yourself in the lovely season.


Kunming Zoo

There are around 101 Sweet Osmanthus Flower trees spreading in the Peacock Zone, Begonia Boulevard, East Gate and Tang Jiyao Tomb in Kunming Zoo.

Transportation: Bus No. 92, 234, z5 and subway Line 2

Ticket: 30 Yuan/Person


Tanhua Temple

Numerous Sweet Osmanthus Flower trees could be easily found in Tanhua Temple, but there are only two of them that have the very unique fragrance. Hint: they are near the rear gate of the temple. Why not grab your camera and go to the Tanhua Temple to find them.

Transporation: Bus No. 132, 249, 254, A12 and Z5

Ticket: 5 Yuan/Person


Jiaoye Park

500 Sweet Osmanthus Flower trees make the Jiaoye Park more ideal for a weekend getaway. Seize the season before early November.

Transportation: Bus No. z61 and c62

Ticket: 8 Yuan/Person


Golden Temple Scenic Area

The Golden Temple, located in the Minfeng Mountain 7 km to the East of Kunming is home to the largest Taoist bronze tiled temple in China built in 1602 that has been preserved almost intact. There are 40 Sweet Osmanthus Flower trees near the Bronze Bull Zone, Laojun Temple and the Lawn Area that are in their full bloom.

Transportation: Bus No. 10, 60, 71, 76, 146 and 147

Ticket: 30 Yuan/Person


Green Lake Park (Cuihu Park)

Green Lake Park is one of the few parks in Kunming with no admission fees and a wide open area. Walking into the park from different gates, you could hardly escape the refreshing scent of the Sweet Osmanthus Flower.

Transportation: Bus No. 100, 133, 235 and Z5

Ticket: Free



Daguan Park

One of the highlights of the the Daguan Park is that visitors could enjoy both the Sweet Osmanthus Flowers and the beautiful lotus flowers. There are 7 species of Osmanthus in the park which will last until the end of October.

Transportation: Bus No. 104, 100, 52 and 4

Ticket: 26 Yuan/Person


Heilongtan Park (Black Dragon Pool Park)

Located in the forests of the Longquan Mountains north of Kunming, the Black Dragon Pool Park is the biggest Taoist abode in Kunming and is home to the largest sacred Taoist Temple in Central Yunnan with well preserved halls and mansions. The Osmanthus Garden in Heilongtan Park was completed during the early 80s, which boasts four major Osmanthus groups and ten Osmanthus species.

Transportation: Bus No. 9, 79, 128 and 249

Ticket: 20 Yuan/Person


Xihua Garden

The park abounds in a wide variety of plants and flowers including azaleas, sweet osmanthus, magnolias, camellias, Chinese roses and orchids etc. Since its establishment, the park has been known for orchids and now is the largest orchid planting base in Yunnan Province.

Today, there are 500 Sweet Osmanthus Flower trees in the garden, covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters, including two Osmanthus species: Golden Osmanthus and Silver Osmanthus.

Transportation: Bus No. 51, 75 and 184

Ticket: Free