Qianju Street

One of my friends once asked me whether the name of Qianju Street has anything to do with money, since the word Qian literally refers to money. The name Qianju, for sure, had close relationship with money. In Qing Dynasty, people used copper money instead of paper money in China. And Yunnan was the major place where the raw materials could be found. But due to several reasons such as the long journey (from Yunnan to Beijing) and time consuming, the Qing government had appointed Yunnan to make money.

According to the “General History of Yunnan”, the first money factory had opened in 1660 in Kunming. Hence, Kunming was the base for copper money making. As a matter of facet, Baoyun Money Bureau was set up by Mr. Wu Zhou on this street known as Qianju Street. After 1954, the local committee was set up on Qianju Street and since then, this street had been divided into two sections: southern part and northern part. Today, restaurants and shops take up the whole street.

  • Address: Qianju Street, Wuhua Disctrict, Kunming
  • Nearby Scenic Spots: Green Lake Park, Yunnan University, Yunnan Provincial Library, Wenlin Street, Yuantong Temple.

(photo credit: web)