Yiliang Roast Duck

Yiliang Roast Duck, also called Dianyi Roast Duck, is one of the classic Yunnan dishes. Originated during the Ming Dynasty, now it has more than 600 years of history. It is believed that Mr. Zhu Yuanzhang was appointed as the head of the army and he took the acclaimed cook Mr. Li Haishan all the way from Nanjing to Yunnan. Due to the political upheaval, the cook never had the guts to return to his home in Nanjing. Therefore, he started a roast duck business in Yiliang County, Yunnan. And from then on, this Dianyi roast duck has been well received by local people. Today, when it comes to Yiliang roast duck, people would refer it to the 28 generations’ brand, “Family Li’s Roast Duck”.

Feature: Crispy on the outside while tender in the inside