Nuohei village in Shilin County listed as the featured Chinese ethnic village

Nuohei village has recently been listed as one of the featured Chinese ethnic villages out of 717 ethnic villages in China. Nuohei village lies in the west of Guishan Township, Shilin Yi Autonomous County, 30km away from Shilin County and 25km from Shilin (Stone Forest) scenic area. Sits at elevation of 1987m, Nuohei has a total area of 86% of forest coverage, which has been a Yi ethnic village for more than 600 years.

Being abundant in stone resources, local villagers have mastered the art of applying stone for building stone houses, stone walls, stone paved roads, stone squares and stone mills. Thus, locals and visitors named the village as “Nuohei Stone Village”.

Nuohei Yi ethnic cultural museum, established in 2009, has been the first museum in Shilin County, which is the showcase of local Sani (a subbranch of Yi ethnic group) heritage. The museum has a great variety of properties of Sani people, such as Sani costumes, leather saddles, utensils made from pottery, and wooden ox cart, etc.