Top 10 Recommended Dishes and Local Snacks in Kunming

Last week, a group of 20 experts, gourmets and journalists had selected total 20 dishes and local snacks as Kunming’s top 20 cuisines in 2017. These 20 cuisines represent tastes of the food, Kunming’s culture and tradition, people’s word of mouth and general popularity of the special food. 

Top 10 recommended dishes of Kunming

1. Yunnan style Steamed Chicken

2. Kunming style hot pot

3. Green pepper stir fried with Yunnan ham and Thelephora ganbajun

4. Yiliang Roast Duck

5. Yunnan style Sliced Beef

6. Yunnan Ham steamed with Goat Cheese

7. Kunming style Fried Pork

8. Broad Bean and garlic stem stir fried with sliced pork

9. Braised Russula virescens

10. Kunming style mutton hot pot

Top 10 recommended local snacks of Kunming

1. Rice noodle in small pot

2. Cross bridge rice noodle

3. Modeng Cake

4. Rose-pied cake

5. Shredded rice cake stewed in small pot

6. Yunnan style baozi (steamed stuffed buns)

7. Yunnan style moon cake (stuffed with Yunnan ham)

8. Dudu Shaomai (steamed dumplings)

9. Roast shredded rice cake 

10. Yunnan style potato pancake


(image credit: web)