Anning Hotspring

Anning a busy but pretty county level town is a 30 km ride (about an hour) away from Kunming proper and is located at the foot of Yuquan Mt on the banks of the Tanglang River.


The hot springs in Anning were discovered in the early Eastern Han Dynasty, and are reputed to beneficial as the warm water (between 36-46C) contains trace elements of various minerals including potassium, natrium, zinc, and strontium.

The famous Ming Dynasty traveller Xu Xiake is said to have observed "Southern Yunnan has the most hot springs, but these are the best in the world and should not be missed." Since then many celebrities have agreed with his view. There are numerous baths around the town offering indoor springs both public and even an open air Japanese style hot spring.

There are a number of scenic spots nearby the town which include the Huanyun Precipice Inscriptions and the Caoxi Buddhist Temple.


Add: Anning city, 30 km west Kunming
Admission fee: charged in some local commercially-run Spas. 

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