Panlong Buddhist Temple

Located in Panlong Mountain on the eastern beach of Lake Dian, Panlong Temple is 40 kilometers from downtown Kunming, and 3 kilometers from Jincheng Town of Jinning County. Panlong Mountain is one of the three major Buddhist destinations in Yunnan Province, with the other two being the West Mountain of Kunming and Jizu Mountain of Dali, and was listed in 1983 among the important historical and cultural sites of Kunming.

The Panlong Temple was originally established in 1347, or the 7th year of Zhizheng Period of the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), by Buddhist Master Lianfeng. According to legend there were flood dragons in the pool which were vanquished by Master Lianfeng who then established the Panlong Buddhist Temple and named it Panlongsi (Long refers to dragon in Chinese). As the temple became increasingly popular among devout pilgrims, Lianfeng was revered as "Panlong Master" (Pan Long Zu Shi) after he passed away.

The temple complex, includes the Wansong Temple first built by Master Huizhao in the Wude Period (618-621) of the Tang Dynasty (618-907); it was been destroyed several times, and its latest restoration took 5 years. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Panlong Temple was enlarged by Zuyuan Monk, with a new scriptorium and a Guanyin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple).

For centuries, men of letters visiting the temple created verses, paintings, Chinese calligraphic works, couplets, plaques and steles, of which those by Emperor Yongli of the Ming Dynasty, Liangwang King (the forth son of Kublai Khan) of the Yuan Dynasty, Xu Xiake (a famous traveler and geologist of the Ming Dynasty), Dan Dang (a monk poet of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties), Qian Feng (a famous painter and calligrapher of Kunming in the Qing Dynasty), and Yuan Jiagu (a famous scholar in the late Qing Dynasty), are an important part of the temples historical and cultural legacy.


Each lunar August 1st sees is a temple fair held in the Temple which is attended by many Buddhist pilgrims from Kunming, Chenggong, Kunyang, and Yuxi amongst others.


Add: Jinning county, at the east shore of the Dianchi Lake
Tel: 0871-6781 1064
Admission fee: 8 yuan/person


Bus ride (bound for Jiangchuan and Tonghai etc) from Kunming East Bus Station, stop at Panlongsi (Panlong Temple)